Log in to: www. kingsoutdoorcanada.com The new short version of The Buck For Justice Website that exposes Canadian – Federal and Alberta – Provincial; Justice Departments conspiracy to frame and defraud a 75 year old grandfather, Donald Harrison Broder and his family by directing the Justices of the Court to act in collusion with specific law firms and lawyers to falsely incarcerated him while these white collar terrorists extorted $225,000 cdn. from his wife, Joyce M. Broder also 75 years old suffering with Alzheimer’s then later The Alberta Law Society directed The Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association, ALIA to garnish her bank account another act of terrorism to make them stop suing Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Alberta – The Crown Alison Redford at the time and specific lawyers. Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore of Weir Bowen – daughter of past Chief Justice Kenneth Moore, Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson, Joseph Kueber of Bryan & Company, Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depot Cunningham, Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere and Ass. Imagine they were all in it together taking out an old man and his family. We wonder how these bottom feeder lawyers are seen in the eyes of their children and grandchildren now that they have been caught participating in the death and destruction of two innocent senior citizens? The condense version is posted at website: www. kingsoutdoorcanada.com

The living owe it to those who can no longer speak to tell their story for them.” Sara Zarr

This page will provide the preface of what the evidence will prove beyond any reasonable doubt.

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Copyright © 2016 - 2020 Broder Buck. All Rights Reserved. Created by Blog Copyright.