Chapter 18; left click on the mouse then scroll down to read, Terrorists in Canada; Donald Broder vs. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta – dismissed by Master Smart at Edmonton Law Courts expressing that we should not blame The Crown for what others have done.





Coming soon – under development 

This tab will provide the reader information as to the legal procedures that have taken place within action  1003 16312 as of against the Crown / Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta.

It will demonstrate how the Government of Alberta / Minister of Justice / Attorney General – Alison Redford and her predecessors have and continue to refused to accept responsibility for the actions of The Alberta Justice  Department’s role in a conspiracy to frame, defraud and breach the Charter of Human Rights of an innocent vulnerable senior citizen of Alberta, Canada by willfully allowing Judges to act in collusion for the sole purpose to protect  Lawyers for their willful actions of  orchestrating the outcome of Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Action 9703-12949 for which in April 2004 falsely incarcerate a 75 year old senior citizen for 11 days in the Edmonton Remand Center until he and his wife succumbed to their demands.

The development of this tab will include;

  1. Statement of Claim issued against Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta.
  2. Notice of Motion to Amend the Statement of Claim.
  3. The Amended Statement of Claim.
  4. Correspondences from Alberta Justice.
  5. Official Transcripts with the reasoning  of Master Smart whereby he dismissed the said Action by teleconference.
  6. Appeal of Master Smart summary dismissal.

Action 1003 16312 was filed on September 24, 2010 and effectively served on the Justice Minister – Alison Redford’s – Department of Justice for which no Statement of Defence has ever been filed to this date of February 20, 2012. The Attorney representing the Crown, Shelly MacDonald had the action dismissed on a 129 (1a) Application by teleconference heard by Master Smart. This procedure if relied on by the Courts and no Statement of Defence as been filed must be construed by the Master that all the allegations contained within the Statement of Claim are true. An Appeal has been filed and the Crowns council;  Shelly MacDonald has requested the appeal be struck because it was filed outside the 10 days allowed from the time the dismissal order was effectively served on Donald H. Broder.

Donald H. Broder will provide evidence the Order was served by fax and although he admits to receiving it a few days after it arrived by fax the Application for the Appeal arrived at Edmonton Law Courts within the 10 days allowed by the Alberta Rules of Court, the clerk delayed stamping and filing the Appeal by two days which then exceeded the time allowed to file by two days. A Canada Post receipt will prove the Application for Appeal arrived at the Clerk of the Courts exactly on time to file the appeal if you assume that Donald H. Broder received service of the dismissal order the day it was faxed to his residence.    

All Court documents and correspondences will be uploaded to this site to expose the criminal activities of the Conservative Government of Alberta, including an e mail from a Detective at the Edmonton Police Services Commercial Crimes Unit, acknowledging he is aware fraud by the Alberta Justice System is known to the Commercial Crimes Unit.

Master Smart told Donald H. Broder during the teleconference that we cannot blame the Crown for what others have done.

Transcripts will be uploaded in due course.





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Copyright © 2016 - 2018 Broder Buck. All Rights Reserved. Created by Blog Copyright.