Chapter 6 – Read the new website at; www. or left click & scroll down to read; The History of Edmund Broder Sept. 29, 1891 – Dec 26, 1968 exposing how his World Record Mule Deer Buck was confiscated and sold by the white collar bandits hiding within The Alberta Justice Department & Law Society of Alberta.





Judicial Corruption in




of the life of;

Edmund Broder

 and how he was destined to expose

judicial corruption within


“Whats meant to be;

Will always find a way!”

Trisha Yearwood


“How the past affected the future!”

And now in 2018 and on. 

“How the future will be affected by the past!”


Edmund Broder

“September 29, 1891 – December 26, 1968”


Hazel Broder

“April 15, 1901 – October 7, 1967”

Edmund Broder married Hazel Bailey on February 2, 1927. Edmund Broder born September 29, 1891 and passed away December 26, 1968 Hazel Bailey born April 15, 1901 and passed away October 7, 1967. Children of Edmund and Hazel Broder were; Edwin R & Luella L Broder “twins” September 9, 1927, Donald H. Broder October 11, 1929, Doris E. Broder January 11, 1931, Margaret H. Broder May 26, 1932, Richard M. Broder February 28, 1934, George W. Broder July 5, 1935, Earl A. Broder September 7, 1936. Edwin R. Broder passed away suddenly on January 5, 1945 from complication related to Rheumatic Fever.

Wedding picture February 2, 1927

Edmund Broder, July – 1909 at 18 years of age being given recognition as an image on a post card during the Exhibition in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for his role in breaking horses for the North West Mounted Police. And then later in his life while employed at  Rose and Bell Livery Stable in Edmonton, Alberta was called upon to break horses for the 1st World War.  Wild horse were rounded up in Montana and herded by cowboys across the plains to a large community pastured in and around Kingsway Avenue and 109 street in Edmonton Alberta for which the Municipal Airport, Kingsway Garden Mall and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police K division headquarters has been built.  

Note: The original postcard has been redigitized into this photograph.

1903 Horse Hill School House 

located half way between 

Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta 

for which one of the children in the photo is

Edmund Broder


his children attended the same school.

Picture below taken in the 1930’s:

Edmund Broder 

with one of his children, the trophy buck and his 1914 Model T that transported;

   The Broder Buck home from his 1926 hunting trip.

Edmund Broder photographed by The Edmonton Journal in 1962 with mounted Non-Typical Mule Deer Buck trophy he harvested on November 26, 1926. The Buck was known at the time as The Chip Lake Buck and had just been returned to him by train from The Boone & Crockett Clubs official scoring session in New York, U.S.A. Boone & Crockett had just pronounced The Chip Lake Buck, The World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer with an unprecedented B & C score of 355 2/8 inches. The Buck grace 22 points on the right and 21 points on the left antler. Edmund Broder was 35 years of age when he harvested the World Record Buck and he was 71 years of age at the time of this picture. The story was told that Edmund Broder wasn’t the same while the Trophy was away in New York, U.S.A.

At events where The Broder Buck was shown it was often said;

“The Broder Buck is one of the most outstanding big game trophies ever taken.”

Edmund Broder passed away 6 years later on December 26, 1968.

Tribute to

Edmund Broder

Old photographs dating back between;

1930 & 196o’s of;

Edmund Broder

and other



Alberta, Canada

 hunting wild game;

as a necessity to put food on the table for

  their families.

“The hunting grounds was an area south of Chip Lake, Alberta to an area known as Carrot Creek”


” One of Edmund Broder cabins, reminants can still be located”




 “In the early years this sleigh and team of horses was the only way in to the hunting area until

Edmund Broder cleared a tote road which is pretty well all grown in now, but was still identifiable until a few years ago.”


“The original Broder Buck mount was hung on the side of Edmund Broder’s home in 1965 for pictures to be taken”

Donald H. Broder was the eldest living sibling at the time of his Father Edmund “Ed” Broder’s death on December 26, 1968.

The evidence on the website that follows will prove beyond a reasonable doubt to you the reader how;

The Alberta Justice Department  lead by

Attorney General / Justice Minister 

Alison Redford

 has been made aware that;

The Alberta Justice Department,

Government of Alberta and Canada,

The RCMP and Edmonton Commercial Crimes Unit

The Edmonton and Calgary Law Court Justices;

Chief -Justices; A. H. Wachowich and W. Kenneth Moore

Justices; J. L. Lewis, Myra Bielby, Carole Conrad, Ronald Berger, Peter Costigan,

R. P. Belzil, R. P. Marceau, Joanne Veit, Ged Hawko and Karen Horner.

The Law Society

The Judicial Council Of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada




Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore of Weir Bowen

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson

Bill Kenny of Miller Thomson

Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company

Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere Associates

Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham

all willfully colluded to orchestrate the outcome of

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench action 9703-12949 

when the Plaintiff’s lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen

made the comment she had been ambucshed by

Donald Broder’s lawyer Robert Sawers so in turh the

Alberta Justice Department  

persecuted a 75 year old innocent senior citizen

milked him and his family of his retirement

and continue to deny

Donald H.  Broder and his family

their rights and freedoms as stated within;

The Canadian Constitution.

Picture of Donald H. Broder and Joyce M. Broder celebrating there retirement in 1986 for which unbeknown to them that a conspiracy to frame him would take place  from 1997 – 2012 by The Alberta Justice Department willful acts of collusion with Lawyers would defraud them of their retirement life and pension by all involved to orchestrate the outcome of Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Action 9703-12949. Then falsely incarcerate Donald H. Broder April 26, 2004 for eleven days at The Edmonton Remand Center while Guy Lacourciere Donald Broder’s own Lawyer who had quit three months before the trial would extorted $235,000 from Joyce M. Broder to secure Donald H. Broder’s release from prison.

The documents on the following tabs will provide evidence that;

Alison Redford – Justice Minister / Attorney General in The Province of Alberta

has been made aware that a crime was committed by;

The Alberta Justice Department participated in a conspiracy to defraud the Estate of Edmund Broder 30 years after his death by wilfully acting in collusion with Lawyers; Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen, Bryan Kickham and Bill Kenny of Miller Thomson, Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company, Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham and Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere Cervini / Associates to extort The Mule Deer Trophy, Ford 1914 Model T, saddle and chaps by colluding to orchestrate the outcome of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Action 9703-12949 and deliberately milking all the proceeds obtained from the Court held auction of the Mule Deer Trophy and public sale of Model T, saddle and chaps and knowingly that Donald Broder’s lawyers were extorting his retirement savings for their own personal gain and purposely not acting in his best interest but chose to assist the Plaintiffs lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen and denying Donald Broder his rights as set out within The Canadian Constitution, The Statute of Limitations Act, The Legal Profession Act and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as declared  by The United Nations.  

This website has been created for

the benefit of all

 Canadian families 

primarily for the protection of vulnerable senior citizen

to provide the necessary information of how to

protect your families from

conspiracy, collusion and deliberate orchestration committed by

The Alberta Justice Department,

Justices at Alberta Law Courts,

The Law Society and

The Lawyers specifically named

for whom all acted with willful intent to frame

an innocent 75 year old senior citizen

Donald H. Broder

“If this kind of white collar crime happens to one Canadian citizen especially the most vulnerable a senior”

Alison Redford


“Be prepared it could happen to you or your family!”


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