Chapter 19 – Read the new website at; or left click & scroll down to read; Evidence The Judicial Council of Canada conceals corruption within The Alberta Justice Departments to sacrifice the lives of the innocent to protect there own. Premeditated slaughter of the innocent?








by Donald H. Broder


Judicial Council of Canada

conceals corruption within;

The Alberta Justice System

Its in there best interest 






Excerpts of evidence provided to The Judicial Council of Canada proving items 1 through 7 will posted shortly.



Donald Broder’s December 15, 2011 response to The Judicial Council of Canada. (full version)PDF

Included with the response to the Judicial Council of Canada were the following documents clarifying that;

The Alberta Court of Appeal Justices; Carole Conrad, Peter Costigan and Ronald Berger; all willfully acted in a conspiracy with the Plaintiff’s lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen because they had been made aware by the Defendant’s; lawyer Guy Lacourciere that Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen had committed perjury when asked by the trial Judge as to the first time the issue of standing had been raised / lack of Personal Representatives. Justices; Carole Conrad, Peter Costigan and Ronald Berger were also made aware that Donald Broder’s own lawyer’s Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson and Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company had conspired with the Plaintiff’s lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen to conceal the first time the issue of standing had been raised by;

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson; Amending The Statement of Defence 10 days before the trial to conceal the Original Statement of Defence from the trial Judge because the issue of standing / lack of Personal Representatives had been raised within paragraph 8 of The Original Statement of Defence. Then backdated the FIAT “permission to amend” on the Amended Statement of Defence to January 9, 2003 when it was actually January 9, 2004 and forged the Judges second signature.  

Bill Kenny of Miller Thomson orchestrated that Donald Broder retain Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson for whom then contacted Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company;  and requested his testimony at trial for which was orchestrated as Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company testified to two pre-statement of claim correspondences as referenced in The Reasons for decision of Justice Bielby knowingly and purposely not testifying to the two correspondences issued post-statement of claim that also raised the issue of standing by referencing;

“Alberta Rules of Court Rule 129 “the action is frivolous, vexatious and abuse of court process.”

Alberta Law Society citations against Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson date September 20, 2011 (full version)PDF

Alberta Law Society- September 22, 2011 reply to the citation against Bryan Kickham (full version)PDF

Donald Broder’s correspondence – November 2, 2011 to The Alberta Law Society September 22, 2011 correspondence. (full version)PDF

Alberta Law Society, November 7, 2011 reply regarding citations against Bryan Kickham (full version)PDF

Closing Arguments by Ms. MacInnis (partial version)PDF

Reasons for Judgment of the Honourable Madam M. B. Bielby (partial version)PDF

Cross-Examination of Guy Lacourciere May 26,2010  (full version)PDF

Original Statement of Defence (full version)PDF






Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud

GLOBAL INTEGRITY,a Washington DC organization, generates, synthesizes, and disseminates credible, comprehensive and timely information on governance and corruption trends around the world.In February 2008, GLOBAL INTEGRITY issued their report on Canada, which can be read on this site.

Global Integrity Canada Report 2008

The report gives Canada’s judicary a 30%mark. A generous mark, considering that there is no accountability at all on the part of any judges in Canada.It claims that, “Judicial accountability is weak, with no disclosure of personal assets or gifts, no restrictions on receiving gifts, and a complaints [sic] process in which judges judge other judges. Overall, government accountability watchdog agencies (including the police) either lack powers to enforce laws or have a weak enforcement record”.

Following is a letter to the Canadian Judicial Council which claims that a federally appointed judge of the BC Supreme Court used his judicial office for the advancement of the private interests of his friend Attorney Keith Oliver.

In this instance, the friend of the judge appears to have master minded a fraud, by first:

  • seeking a trustee, Kenneth Rowan to assign a malicious spouse into bankruptcy, knowing the spouse was not legally separated and knowing that the spouse seeking bankruptcy was not in the least insolvent since no bona fide creditors existed.
  • This is to say that, the trustee and the alleged bankrupt appears to have fabricated debts in the sworn STATEMENT OF AFFAIRS, to give the appearance that the alleged bankrupt was insolvent when in fact, the only debt that existed was the mortgage and a credit line, which both were held jointly by the spouses.
  • The price for the lawyer Attorney Keith Oliver appears to have been the property of the spouses that was held jointly, since without contacting the non-bankrupt spouse Harold Gaffney, the trustee Kenneth A. Rowan applied to be registered as owner of the alleged bankrupt undivided one-half interest in the condominium property jointly owned by the Gaffney’s, which automatically severed the joint tenancy.
  • It appears that since Mr. Gaffney continued paying the mortgage, lawyer of the alleged bankrupt R. Keith Oliver than sought the assistanceof Re/Max Realtor Noella Neale, and others, including and not limited to, employees of the legal department at CIBC and federally appointed judges, to perpetuate the real estate and mortgage fraud.The Following Particulars to the Canadian Judicial Council, gives all the details of how one lawyer with a malicious spouse were able to persuade others to joined them in a real estate and mortgage fraud: YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I’LL SCRATCH YOURSJudge Using His Judicial Office to Pass a Benefit to his Lawyer FriendMr. Anthony Jasich LL.B also wrote to the Canadian Judicial Council (“CJC”) in support of the information delivered by Ms. Zanetti regarding the conduct of Justice Lance Bernard while on the bench.Jasich to CJC about Bernard’s ConductResponse from CJC to Ms ZanettiJasich Responding to CJC in Respect to its Response to Ms. Zanetti’s InformationResponse to Jasich from CJC Feb. 04, 09For more information please contact this website.Readers of thsi website ought to consider contacting GLOBAL INTEGRITY to provide information on the lack of protection for WHISTLE BLOWERS.———————————–
Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn





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