Chapter 16; left mouse click then scroll down to read, 911 Terrorists in Canada, The Alberta Justice Department commits Obstruction of Justice by concealing Fraud within their own department, when it is Legislation allegations against The Crown must investigate and if true accept there own guilty plead and make restitution to the affect party.

Chapter 16; left mouse click then scroll down to read, 911 Terrorists in Canada, The Alberta Justice Department commits Obstruction of Justice by concealing Fraud within their own department, when it is Legislation allegations against The Crown must investigate and if true accept there own guilty plead and make restitution to the affect party.





The Crown


The Alberta Justice Department

are willful participants in;

Fraud more Fraud and Conspiracy to Defraud!

 The Alberta Justice Department cannot dismiss actions brought against

The Crown and lawyers with a summary dismissal 129 application,

when Fraud is plead within The Statement of Claim.

They not only do it but they do it expeditiously!

 This page will demonstrate to you the reader that they; I mean

The Alberta Justice Department, Justices and lawyers are all in it together!

Evidence of more Judicial Fraud being committed by The Alberta Justice Department specifically Justices Hawko, Karen Horner, Master Prowse and Hannebury at the Calgary Law Courts protecting the Justices , Carole Conrad, Ronald Berger, Peter Costigan, Myra Bielby, C. P Clarke, Lewis, Veit, Marceau, Brietkruz, Belzil, Master Quinn and Chief Justice A. H. Wachowich  at the Edmonton Law Courts by continuing to act in collusion by dismissing civil proceedings brought on against the Defendant Donald Broder own Lawyers, Bryan Kickham of Miller Thomson, Bill Kenny of Miller Thomson, Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company, Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere and Associates and Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham for the sole purpose to protect all the willful acts of collusion, conspiracy to defraud, perjury, obstruction of justice and forgery with purposeful intent to orchestrate the persecution and wrongful imprisonment of an innocent 75 year old senior citizen, Donald H. Broder and continue to this day hold his family ransom by refusing to make restitution and exonerate him.

A question that needs to be answered by The Alberta Justice Department.

“Who else has been framed by The Alberta Justice Department?”

******* Place the documents for the first law suit against Elizabeth MacInnis********

The first lawsuit was dismissed with a 129 application that Donald H. Broder although he was a beneficiary was adverse to the original lawsuit and as such had no standing to sue only a Personal Representative could sue the Plaintiff’s lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen

Donald H. Broder initiated a second lawsuit.

Action 0901-07057 Donald Broder vs. Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen at the Calgary Law Courts.

Another 129 Application was scheduled by the Defendant’s lawyer Phylis Smith of Emery Jamieson and just prior to the Application being heard at The Calgary Law Courts The Statement of Claim was amended to include George Broder, One of the Personal Representatives as a Plaintiff within  Action 9701-07057.

” The Crown now had to rethink a new reason to dismiss the action”

And Master Prowse did!

Reasons for Decison of Master Prowse (full version) PDF

Let’s see their excuse now!

Page 9 (lines 15 – 24)

Quote: Master Prowse / Calgary Law Courts.

THE MASTER: Yes. So your challenging the result of the trial.

MR. C. BRODER: We’re challenging that the solicitor that was representing in the estate wasn’t — was — had a fiduciary duty, Sir, to be — honest to the trial judge.

THE MASTER:  Then if — if you were serious about that, you have to go back to the trial judge and say, Here’s something you didn’t know. I’m bringing this to your attention. Does this change your mind?

Page 10 (lines 6 – 10)

THE MASTER: she won for her clients. How is a lawyer who wins a lawsuit negligent? People sue lawyers frequently who lose lawsuits, and they say well the lawyer did a bad job and lost the lawsuit because they were negligent. Let’s say they didn’t call a witness they should have called, and if they called the witness they would have won. But you’re trying to sue a lawyer for winning a lawsuit.

Although we were aware Master Prowse was trying to establish that if the decision was reversed then the Justice Department would make the Plaintiff – George Broder  liable for the willful actions of Fraud committed as of against the Estate of Edmund Broder by Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen. 

Master Prowse dismissed the Action against Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen as his reason for decision was you cannot sue the lawyer that won and

Phylis Smith on behalf of Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association immediately put a writ on George Broder’s house for court costs.

For the purpose of demonstrating the incompetence of the Judges we played along;

We followed Master Prowse’s directions and sent all the information to the trial Judge – Justice Myra Bielby inclusive of the Master Prowse transcripts and requested that the decision be reversed and received the following response;

Letter from Edmonton Law Courts (full version) PDF

“it is inappropriate for litigants to correspond directly to judges.”

Did You Know!

The trial Judge Justice Bielby was more clever than Master Prowse because if she would have reversed the decision then common law as per Master Prowse comment Donald Broder and George Broder would be in a position to sue Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen now because now she lost .”

So with saying that;

“If Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen had not obtained assistance from The Alberta Justice Department, Justices and lawyers to orchestrate the win of this lawsuit back in 2001 she would have lost and been subject to a negligence lawsuit but now she is not liable because she won and if you’re lawyer quits  just before the trial and you represent yourself and are framed by an orchestrated loss you have no one to sue but yourself because you lost!”


I mean the Canadian Judicial System!

I, Donald Broder filed an Appeal of Master Prowse’s decision without the transcripts, it was heard at Calgary Law Courts before Justice Karen Horner and after I explained that Master Prowse erred in providing direction to write the trial Judge to have the decision reversed she made the following comments

  • Her colleague Master Prowse would not have said to write the trial Judge Justice Bielby to have the decision reversed.
  • The Chief Justice A. H. Wachowich order for which had never been followed by Elizabeth MacInnis s  of Weir Bowen which directed the pleadings to be closed within action 9703-12949 by March 15, 2001 was too old to enforce, and she refused to charge Elizabeth MacInnis with contempt of Court.
  • I also showed Justice Karen Horner whereby Elizabeth MacInnis had mislead  the trial Judge, Justice Bielby as to the first time Alberta Rules of Court Rule 129 as to the  issue of standing / lack of personal representatives was raised was not as Elizabeth MacInnis had told Bielby early 2001, but was within the defence pleadings paragraph 8, of the original Statement of Defence.

It was then suggested to Justice Karen Horner that there were two sets of rules one for Lawyers and Judges and then another rule for innocent citizens if she was not willing to incarcerate Elizabeth MacInnis fof Weir Bowen for Contempt of Court regarding the Chief Justice A. H. Wachowich Order she did not followed and have her also charged with perjury for deceiving the trial Judge Justice Bielby when asked when was the first time the Defendant’s raised the issue of lack of Personal Representatives Ms. MacInnis answered early 2001 when it was contained within the original Statement of Defence filed on July 28, 1997 so that Estoppel would not prevent her from relying on the Doctrine of Relation Back.

  • Justice Karen Horner dismissed the Appeal, and ordered costs against me again.

To date August 22, 2011  – The Department of Justice – Transcript Management in Calgary has refused my request to purchase the transcribed audio of the appeal before Justice Karen Horner for which I faxed in the requisition form in late July, 2011.

“It will be posted if the The Justice Department / Transcript Management releases it.”

Letter from Economic Crime(full version)PDF

At the direction of the Calgary Commercial Crimes Unit all evidence was provided to the Edmonton Commercial Crimes Unit.

Detective Mark Johnson met with us accepted all documents, was shown the Wachowich Order, the backdating of the FIAT with the forged second signature of Master Brietkruz on the Amended Statement of Defence, and also that the first time the issue of standing / lack of Personal Representatives was raised was not early 2001 as Elizabeth MacInnis had told Justice Bielby but was contained within the Original Statementt of Defence of July 28, 1997. Detective Mark Johnson prepared his report and presented it to the Attorney General / Minister of Justice – Alison Redford – Crown Prosecutors Office and; The response received was the Letter from Economic Crimes above;

“it has been decided that this file be concluded with no criminal charges being laid”

“this will conclude all involvement from the Edmonton Police Services, Economic Crimes Section” 

 “The Crown would have had to lay criminal charges against The Crown.” 

Law Society Letter dated January 18.2010 (full version) PDF

Evidence of Health Care Fraud being committed by Alison Redford’s – Department of Justice by allowing;

Master Prowse to dismiss  action 0901-07057  and order $10,000.00 in Court Costs as of against Donald Broder and George Broder for suing the Lawyer, Elizabeth MacInnis who won, even though it was argued that the only reason she had won was because she had conspired to commit fraud, orchestrated the trial was in Contempt of Court, Obstruction of Justice, breach of her fiduciary duty by committing Perjury and acted in Collusion with Donald Broders’ Lawyers; Bryan Kickham and Bill Kenny of Miller Thomson, Joseph Kueber of Bryan and Company, Marvin Bloos of Beresh Depoe Cunningham , and the Attorney General / Minister of Justice, Alison Redford’s Department of Justice is aware that  all the Lawyers for whom have been identified for breaching court orders and concealing the first time the issue of standing / lack of Personal Representatives had been raised from thee trial Judge Justice Bielby.

Garnishes of Don Broder (full version) PDF

Don Broder Garnishes – again (partial PDF)

Joyce Broder suffering with Alzheimer’s at

The Good Samaritans Home in Stony Plain, Alberta

being spoon fed by a family member on July 24, 2011.

Joyce Broder at the Good Samaritans Lodge

Joyce Broder passed away on September 23, 2011

Garnishes of Joyce Broder and Letter of Doctor (full version) PDF

Joyce Broder Garnished – again(partial PDF)

In May & July 2011 Calgary Law Courts issued a Garnishee against Donald H. Broder’s wife Joyce Broder’s bank account to defraud her of her pension money that was set aside to pay for her Long Term Care at Good Samaritans in Stony Plain, Alberta , as she has been diagnosed in the later stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Stephen Harper, Ed Stelmach, Alison Redford, Chief Justice W. Kenneth Moore, Chief Justice Wachowich, Elizabeth MacInnis, John Weir, Bryan Kickham, Joseph Kueber, Marvin Bloos, and all Justices involved inclusive of; Alison Redford  – 


as Joyce Broder does not know that you are defrauding her of her pension.”

To all Lawyers and Justices from Edmonton Alberta that willfully participated with this crime against a defenseless senior citizens;

Alberta Treasury Branch correspondence of July 6, 2011 regarding Joyce Broder’s pension being garnished again.  (full version)PDF

   “You should be ashamed!” 

” Instead you are a proud bunch of terrorists”

Justice Hawko,  Guy Lacourciere and Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen you have defrauded her of all she had left!

Phylis Smith of Emery Jamieson for whom was representing Elizabeth MacInnis obtained a Court Order for Donald Broder and Craig Broder to appear in Calgary Law Courts at 9:30 am September 23, 2011 on possible contempt of Court charges for not filling out Form 13 of the Civil Enforcement Act for a bill of Court Costs imposed against Donald and Craig Broder associated with the summary dismissals of Court of Queen’s Bench Actions brought against the Lawyers involved for colluding to commit Fraud, Perjury and the Orchestration of the wrongful imprisonment of an innocent senior citizen whose bill of costs had already been substantially paid with only two Garnishees already in place against Craig Broder’s salary to be remitted by his employer as full payment. When we left the the Calgary Law Courts a call came from family Donald Brode’rs wife Joyce Broder had been taken from Good Samaritans Home to hospital in Stony Plain, Alberta where she died before Donald Broder and Craig Broder could be by her side.

On October 12, 2011 the Calgary Law Courts garnished Craig Broder’s bank account for another $2,300.00 a substantial amount more than what they said was still owing to satisfy the court costs associated with suing Lawyers for Fraud, and also garnished Craig Broder’s 17 year old daughters savings account for $50.00 the same day.

To all involved;

It will be your conscience you live with if you have one and hopefully someday being held accountable by your children, grandchildren, friends, and colleagues for your participation in framing, defrauding and dehumanizing  innocent senior citizens for your own personal gain.

All the Canadian people young and old must ensure the Government Provincial of Alberta and The Federal Government of Canada is held accountable for all actions imposed against innocent people that breaches the Canadian Constitution and  Human Rights.

I ask all the Canadian People to speak out now as one voice we can end the crimes being committed against the innocent by the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada.

    Alison Redford – Justice Minister / Attorney General; 

“The willfully blind leading the RCMP and the Edmonton and Calgary Commercial Crime Units!”

To all Albertans;

Tell Alison Redford that her short lived political career as the Justice Minister, will be even shorter as Premier ! 

Her Honeymoon is over!

Alison Redford you will be held accountable for taking the do nothing approach, sitting and watching a Canadian family being destroyed by The Government of Alberta / Justice Department while requesting money from seniors to protect seniors during your campaign for Premier.

I ask the question: 

Alison Redford;

What are you spending the $5.00 donations you requested from senior on?

I thought you said it was to be used to protect seniors not defraud them!

To all Canadians;

Under The Progressive Conservative Government’s 40 year regime;

All Canadians should consider that someone within their family might be the victim of

 willful acts of conspiracy by;

The Alberta Justice Department, Justices and lawyers

imposed against one of your  senior family members someday to defraud them.

My family, friends and colleagues have all awakened to the fact they misjudged the true state of 

The Alberta Justice System.

Simply put;

“It come down to The Alberta Justice Department willfully colluding with Judges and Lawyers to protect one of their own, yes a Lawyer, Elizabeth MacInnis because she made a comment she had been ambushed by Donald H. Broder and Craig Broder’s lawyer Robert Sawers and in return ambush an innocent family that did not know or even try to ambush her.”

In respect to a man with great integrity;

Mr. Jack Layton NDP Leader. Letter to Canadian’s;   resourced at:

“With respect and sincere condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues, as my thoughts and prayers are with you for the loss of an honourable man.”

In memory of;  The Honourable Mr. Jack Layton.

Thank you for the inspirational letter, your words have eased my families pain.

 The Honourable Mr. Jack Layton’s last words to Canadians;

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.”

I will live by these words every day for the rest of my life.

I remain,

Donald H. Broder – (October 11, 1929 – April 11, 2012)

Father – Finally you may rest in peace!

DAMN ITS BEEN 1 YEAR R.i.P. Kelly Lemus **02-14-08**

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