Chapter 2 – Read the new website at; www. or left click & scroll down to read; Evidence past Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper’s legacy was to avoid the issues of racism, discrimination and injustice against the innocent by being willfully blind and allowing crimes to be committed at will against the innocent and vulnerable.




Canadian Judicial Corruption


Stephen and Laureen Harper

Willfully blind


Willfully participated?

You the reader be the judge!

Priorities versus Non-Priorities

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said;

“1181 missing and murdered indigenous women and girls”

are a;


Image result for stephen and laureen harper picture

Let’s try to add some clarification to what;

Stephen and Laureen Harper

consider a;

Priority or Non-Priority


Save the missing and mistreated Cats.

Image result for stephen and laureen harper picture


Save the felines


 reference male hunters genitals

as to hunting legally!


Mr. Ecklund

confirmed he hunted legally with dogs

during the specified dates

 prescribed in

The Alberta Hunting Regulations

issued by

The Alberta Government.


The other comment made by

Laureen Harper suggesting that

Mr. Ecklund

must be compensating for something, small penis probably

So you the reader do the comparison on how;

Large Penis vs. Small Penis 

 affects who is a

Priority or a Non-Priority


Joyce M Broder

picture taken July 24, 2011

Joyce Broder passed away on

September 23, 2011.

Stephen and Laureen Harper’s 


Joyce Broder at the Good Samaritans Lodge

Click on the documents below to read in its entirety.

Alberta Treasury Branch correspondence of July 6, 2011 regarding Joyce Broder’s pension being garnished again.

Joyce Broder Garnished – again

Garnishes of Joyce Broder and Letter of Doctor

Justices of the Court sent their

Judicially Order


for whom must be compensating for something

to corner an innocent vulnerable

75 year old senior citizen

Joyce M Broder

in her wheelchair

for whom was in late stages of

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

and did not know what was happening to her

but now with garnishees on her bank account was left

with no money  to pay her

long term care facility

monthly living expenses at

The Good Samaritan Care Centre in

Stony Plain, Alberta

You the reader decide;

Are these Judicial Mafia Hounds compensating for something?

 possibly a

Small Penis!

or maybe they all believe that they have 


Laureen Harper is the expert so we will let her decide? 


Justices and lawyers

conspired to orchestrate the outcome,

therefore framing and defrauding an innocent senior citizen

Donald Broder – Defendant within

The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

Action 9703-12949

and as such Garnishee’s were

Court Ordered against

Donald Broder

and because it was easier the

Hound Dogs from

The Alberta Justice Department

went after the easy money in

Joyce Broder’s bank account.

Sending a message to

Donald Broder

“Don’t you dare mess around with the big Penises in the Justice system”


We will unravel the conspiracy of how,

Canadian & Alberta Justice Departments, Justices and lawyers

 frame, defraud and falsely incarcerate  

an innocent 75 year old senior citizen

Donald Broder.

 1909  – Edmund Broder – Donald H Broder’s soon to be Father was a big game hunter just like Mr. Ecklund.

1926 – Edmund Broder harvested a Mule Deer Buck that would eventually go down in the record books.

1927 – Edmund Broder married Hazel Bailey.

1929 – Donald H Broder was born to Edmund and Hazel Broder.

1962 – The Mule Deer Buck was Edmund Broder harvested in 1926 was pronounced a World Record.

1967 – Hazel Broder passed away.

1967 – Hazel and Edmund Broder’s valuable personal belongings were distributed according to Hazel’s Will.

1968 – Edmund Broder passed away.

1969 – 1970 –  Hazel and Edmund’s children competed the distribution of the few personal effects of Edmund Broder.

1970 – Edmund Broder’s  Model T, Guns and hunting gear, Saddle and Blacksmith Tools, Carpenter Tools and

the Mule Deer Trophy went into exclusive possession of different children and

Donald H Broder eldest living son of Edmund Broder took

exclusive possession of the

Mule Deer Trophy.

1970 – 1997  

27 Years have passed 

then in

March 1997 – Donald H Broder’s brothers and sisters have a lawyer,

Grace Parrotta – King send a demand letter to

Craig Broder that

the Mule Deer Trophy be returned to them.

The brothers and sisters of 

Donald H Broder

George Broder, Earl Broder and Richard Broder,

Doris Bibaud, Margaret Macphee, and Luella Adams

have no personal or equitable right to the Mule Deer Trophy and as such

Donald H Broder is advised by his legal counsel not to turn the trophy over,

until such time as

The Application for Probate is made at The Surrogate Courts

and is successful in the appointment of an

Administrator or Personal Representative

                             that can legally act on behalf of the deceased

Edmund Broder.

Case Law – Mugford vs. Mugford

Newfoundland Court of Appeal.


Only an administrator appointed by the courts can initiate a legal action on behalf of a deceased.”

July 8, 1997

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

Action # 9703-12949
is initiated by

Grace Parrotta-King


by being filed a

                           The Edmonton Law Courts

and served on

Donald Broder and Craig Broder


Earl Broder, George Broder, Richard Broder,

Margaret Macphee, Doris Bilboe and Luella Adams



Donald Broder and Craig Broder.


July 28, 1997

The Statement of Defence.

was filed by the

Defendants lawyer;

Joseph J. Kueber

of Bryan & Company.

The Statement of Defence plead

Alberta Rules of Court Rule 129;

“the action was frivolous, vexatious and abuse of process”

Simply stated the Plaintiffs as named had no standing to sue

 this matter required an application for probate to

appoint an Administrator / Executor at

The Surrogate Courts

And only if successful in the appointment of an Administrator / Executor

they the Administrator / Executor would be in a legal position to

 to initiate a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased.




Judicial Predators caught for participating in this crime are;

Attorney General – Justice Minister 

Alison Redford

“so full of herself, refused to follow a court order to investigate”

She has something that controls the penis!

Past Chief Justice W. Kenneth Moore,

Plaintiff’s Lawyer Elizabeth McInnis – Moore  – daddy

Chief Justice W, Kenneth Moore

“big penis but no stamina” 

Justice A. H. Wachowich,

Replaces Justice W. Kenneth Moore as

Chief Justice at Alberta Law Courts in December of 2001.

“Pretends to have a big penis but his Court Orders have no balls!”

Justice Myra Bielby

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Trial Judge.

“she has no penis but can make any penis have erectile disfunction”

Criminals by association;

Justice C. P. Clarke,

“his penis responds during court when he winks at male lawyers”

Justice Jed Hawko,

“first time he saw his shadow he discovered he had a penis”

Justice Karen Horner,

“plays the role of having a big penis but we all know she’s bluffing”

Alberta Appeal Court Justices

Carol Conrad,

“she feels good hanging around with the Big Penises”

Peter Costigan

” going through adolescence and still trying to figure out what it takes to grow a big penis.”

 Ronald Berger.

“knows his days are numbered so to maintain a big one takes Viagra”


Elizabeth MacInnis – Moore of Weir Bowen

The Plaintiff’s lawyer who had access to removing filed documents from the court file, delete audio from trial tapes and

commit perjury with no consequences.

“no penis – but relied on using her daddies Chief Justice W. Kenneth Moore to scare everyone”

Joseph Kueber of Bryan & Company

Donald Broder’s first lawyer that agreed to give irrelevant testimony at trial and pretend he was helping.

“his penis gets intimidated until he helps the opposite side to win against his own client”

Guy Lacourciere of Lacourciere & Associates

Donald Broder’s lawyer that new all along what was going on but let his own client be falsely incarcerated.

“his penis gets excited when he plays both sides”

Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson

Donald Broder’s trial lawyer that framed his own client the minute the retainer check cleared.

“his penis gets excited when he’s the go to man and trusted to assist in framing an innocent senior citizen”

Marvin Bloos of Beresh, Depoe, Cunningham

Donald Broder criminal lawyer and Supreme Court of Canada lawyer.

“big or small it didn’t matter cause his penis was so scared when

Donald Broder sued him its probably still recovering”



Elizabeth MacInnis – Moore 

Based on who her Father and friends are at

The Edmonton Law Courts

The Alberta Justice Department

and lets not forget her husband for whom

is employed at the

Edmonton Police Services “EPS”  

This page is entirely focused on exposing

Stephen &  Laureen Harper


 The Federally Appointed Justices of the Court

to willfully act in collusion to

frame and convict

Canada’s most vulnerable


Senior Citizens

suffering with

Dementia, Alzheimer’s


Heart and Kidney Disease.

Image result for stephen and laureen harper picture


stop insulting a legal hunter about his


And Stephen Harper

should grow some balls

and stand up and protect


most vulnerable

Senior Citizens, Women, Girls and Children

of all races and walks of life.





And as such

Laureen Harper

must know more than anybody about

Penis Size = Power

when it comes to


April 17, 1998

Grace Parrotta-King



filed a cease to act on behalf of the Plaintiffs

as she was in a conflict of interest because

 she had represented

Donald Broder on a previous matter.

June 1, 1998

Elizabeth MacInnis



Files a notice change solicitor

she will be acting on behalf of

The Plaintiffs.


September 1999 

Joseph J. Kueber

of Bryan & Company

is fired by

The Defendants

Donald Broder & Craig Broder

Because Joseph Kueber was agreeing to a

pre-trial conference to waste more time, money and create more legal fees

while he was aware of

The Decision at

The Alberta Court of Appeal 

Timberjack vs. Rocklake


“[19] The Rules of Court do not speak about limitation periods or times to amend. They have always been reconciled with limitations legislation by presuming that the powers under the Rules are to be exercised subject to the time limits under the legislation, when those are relevant; Furthermore, the rules of Court are Regulations, and were not confirmed by statute until the 1970s. Regulations cannot override statutes.

Joseph Kueber was fired in September of 1999 2 years and 2 months 

since the original Statement of Claim filed date

JULY 8, 1997 and as such the

2 year limitation period had lapsed on July 9, 1999, so if and when

Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen finally realizes she has to apply for probate and appoint

Personal Representatives at The Surrogate Courts and now that the limitation period of 2 years has lapsed

she cannot substitute a new party to the Action. 

Joseph Kueber of Bryan & Company

should have filed a 129 application challenging that the Claim was frivolous, vexatious and abuse of process as the Plaintiff’s lacked standing to sue in their personal capacity only An Administrator appointed by the Surrogate Courts had standing to bring an action on behalf of a deceased.

Case Law relied on;

Mugford Vs. Mugford

Newfoundland Supreme Court.


The Application for Probate at The Surrogate Courts would be subjected to

The New Limitations of Actions Act

“2 year limitation period and the 10 year drop dead clause”
Only two limitation periods: the earlier of
two years from the time the claimant knew or ought to have known of the claim, or
ten years from the time the claim arose.

The Application for Probate is now excess of 30 years since Edmund Broder passed away on December 26, 1968.

“10 year drop dead clause has lapsed to apply for Probate”


“The 2 year limitation period had passed to adding claims and new claimants to the Alberta Court of Queens Bench Action 9703-12949.”

Where an added claim adds or substitutes a claimant:
the defendant must have received, within the 2 year limitation period applicable to the added claim (plus the time provided for service),
sufficient knowledge of the added claim that the defendant will not be prejudiced in maintaining a defence to it on the merits; 

click the mouse to open full version of;

Alberta’s New Limitation Act 

SEPTEMBER 30, 1999

Robert Sawers


R. J. Sawers & Associates

files a notice to change solicitor and is legal counsel for

The Defendants

Donald Broder and Craig Broder.

Robert Sawers office does research and locates case law 

Mugford vs. Mugford

Newfoundland Supreme Court

Case Law mugford vs. mugford

November 1999.

Robert Sawers of R J Sawers & Associates

suggests to Donald Broder and Craig Broder

to sit tight and let more time lapse

and also see what

Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen

next move is;

Donald Broder and Craig Broder have won the lawsuit as of

July 9, 1999.


Reason 1

Excess of the 2 years limitation period had lapsed since the original Statement of Claim was filed on

July 8, 1997


The Plaintiffs lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis

will not be allowed to add or substitute a new Plaintiff.

A deceased personal effects are subject to making an application for probate at The Surrogate Courts,

being successful with a formal appointment of a

Personal Representative – Administrator.

The Personal Representative would have to initiate a new

Statement of Claim as the

Limitations of Actions Act

barred the substitution of a new Plaintiff on the original

Statement of Claim as its excess of 4 years since the Original Statement of

Claim was initiated and file on July 8, 1997 at

Edmonton Law Courts

Reason 2

And Donald Broder could prevent the Application for Probate from being successful as

The New Limitation Act legislated a 10 year drop dead clause and it was excess of 30 years since his

Father Edmund Broder passed away on

December 26, 1968.

subtract the date Application for Probate was filed

May 24, 2001 from date of death December 26, 1968

we have a total = excess of 30 years.


Donald Broder and Craig Broder

 Win again and again but lose.


Because the white people in Government defraud Indigenous people!

Donald Broder’s – Metis Son and Grand-Daughter were defrauded by garnishees against them.


Donald Harrison Broder married Claire Marie Bourassa

Claire Marie Bourassa 1/8 Grand Traverse and

was the daughter of;

Arthur Bourassa and Josephine Perrault

Josephine Perrault1/4 Grand Traverse and

was the daughter of;

Louis Perrault and Clara Perrault

Clara Perrault 1/2 Grand Traverse and

was the daughter of;

Andrew Chippewa and Mary Anne

Andrew Chippewa 4/4 Grand Traverse and

was the son of;

Joseph Ke-che-crjib-way

and his wife


Both Full Blood Grand Traverse. 

 Donald Harrison Broder and Claire Marie Bourassa’s children are


The Indigenous children of Donald Harrison Broder were defrauded by

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments!


Here’s How They Do It!

Donald Broder and Craig Broder were defendants within Queen’s Bench action 9703-12949

1) Plaintiffs lawyer, Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen will close the pleadings by way of Court Order issued in December of 2000, then never follow the court order.

2)  Plaintiff’s lawyer, Elizabeth MacInnis of Weir Bowen will have Donald H. Broder incarcerated after the trial for not following a 2004 court order to teach

him a lesson when she herself was in contempt for not following the 200 court order that close the pleading but before

she had applied for probate and as such had no standing to sue Donald and Craig Broder.

3) Defendants lawyer, Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson orchestrates his own client to lose again

by amending  the Statement of Defence on January 9, 2004, back dates the 2004 to 2003 and

forges the Judges second signature on the FIAT to assist The Plaintiff’s lawyer Elizabeth MacInnis – Moore

in concealing that the issue of standing was plead in The Original Statement of Claim.

4) The Defendants first lawyer, Joseph Kueber of Bryan & Company,

is asked to testify at trial by The Defendants trial lawyer Bryan Kickham of Miller Thompson

to pre statement of claim correspondences the would prove unbeneficial instead of post statement of claim correspondences

that raised the issue of standing and would prevent the Plaintiff’s from winning to pretend he was trying to help.

5) Elizabeth MacInnis – Moore of Weir Bowen knows someone that can have audio delete from trial recording, quite possibly her Daddy

Past Chief Justice W Kenneth Moore for whom had just retire in December of 2000.

6) ” Wonder if it’s got anything to do with her Father

Past Chief Justice W Kenneth Moore.

 HOW !


comes into play

or simply who knows who with

the largest Penis


The Alberta’s Justice System.

That’s Da’ Boss 

who allowed lawyers to conspire with each other to

orchestrate the outcome

 frame, defraud and falsely incarcerate



and also Proves

The White man is still 




Please keep in mind that;

Laureen Harper

was clear that a legal hunter

white or indigenous

for whom harvested a

Cougar by following

Government legislated

Alberta Hunting Regulations

must be compensating for a

“small penis”

“Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be

surrounded by people who have nothing to say.”

                                                                                             -Andy Stanley

My question to

Laureen Harper is

What are you compensating for?

Here’s how we see it!

The Federal and Provincial Justice Departments of Canada are fraudsters that

chase innocent indigenous people with trained government hound dogs

until they are exhausted, cornered and fear for their livelihood just like a tired animal in a tree.

Then when the Indigenous innocent man, woman or child is scared they

falsely incarcerate him;

Donald H. Broder

until he turns over.

The Broder Buck

Then the trial Judge; Justice Myra Bielby offered to;

Donald H. Broder

during his fake hearing to be

criminally charged for contempt of court

That his son;

Donald Craig Broder

could take his place in

The Edmonton Remand Centre



Justice Myra Bielby had Donald H. Broder

at 75 years of age

falsely incarcerated for 11 days in

The Edmonton Remand Centre

until he turned over

The Broder Buck

And when he finally succumbed to their demands

The Edmonton Law Courts

Auctioned off

The Broder Buck


$225,000 US exchanged to $325,000.00 Canadian.


Elizabeth MacInnis lawyer for the Plaintiffs that is in

Contempt of Court

charged in excess of $250,000 for her role in the;

Conspiracy to Defraud

an innocent 75 year old senior citizen

Donald H. Broder and his

Indigenous family.


Don’t fall for it

The Police Chief

is not


White Collar Crime

His true role is to make you believe he is,

while he buries it.

Joyce Broder at the Good Samaritans LodgeThe Alberta Justice Department even went after Donald H Broder second wife 

Joyce Marie Broder and

Garnished her bank account while she was in

The Good Samaritans Home dying.


What are these Justice Department and Lawyer fraudsters;


The Governments of Canada are guilty of crimes against humanity!

Don’t kid yourself they would do it again!

The hanging of the six Chiefs was in 1864.

“We honour and recognise six Tsilhqot’in chiefs –

men who were treated and tried as criminals in an era where both the colonial government and the

legal process did not respect the inherent rights of the Tsilhqot’in people,” the Canadian prime minister said.

These are mistakes that our government profoundly regrets and are determined to set right’

It only took over 150 years.

These same white collar criminals participated in the death of

Donald Harrison Broder

for whom lost his will to live due to

Canadian Government

conspiracy against him and his family,


with intent to



his Indigenous children and grand children.

So we

The Broder Children and Grand Children

wait 150 years for

The Canadian Government to apologize and

return what they conspired to defrauded our family of;

The Broder Buck and all monetary damages.

Donald Harrison Broder

quit taking his critical life support medication on

April 1, 2012

as a result of the state of mind the

Canadian Government  caused him

 he passed away from

Kidney failure

on April 11, 2012.

In 1864 The Government of Canada hung the Chiefs

150  years later in 2015 these

perpetrators pick on the old and vulnerable

hoping they die and nobody tells their story.

“The living owe it to those who no longer

can speak to tell their story for them.”

Sara Zarr.

Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore 

will be held accountable!


The Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore

story has been written for

her family and friends

to read.

With All Our Love Father;

Elizabeth MacInnis / Moore

caused you to leave us

sooner than we wanted

But it was meant to be and  it’s

her and all the other

white collar criminals that

are suffering now!

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